Student Union Building in Stockholm occupation


Police action in connection with the 1968 Båstad riots.  On May 3, 1968 activists protested the participation of two apartheid nations, Rhodesia and South Africa’s, in the international tennis competition held in Båstad, Sweden.  The protest was among the most violent between Swedish police and demonstrators during the 1960s, resulting in a dialogue between the Swedish Government and organizers to curb the escalation of violence. The match was later played in secrecy, with Sweden winning 4-1.
At the occupation of the Student Union Building in Stockholm, Swedish minister of education Olof Palme encourages students to embrace democratic values.

At Stockholm University leftist students occupied their Student Union Building at Holländargatan from May 24–27 to send a political message to the government. Inspired by the protests in France earlier that month, the Stockholm protests were calmer than those in Paris.  In reaction to the protests, right-wing students organized Borgerliga Studenter, or “Bourgeois Students”, whose leaders included future prime ministers Carl Bildt and Fredrik Reinfeldt. The Student Union building would later be absorbed by the Stockholm School of Economics.