CBS Debuts the Doris Day Show in September 1968

The Doris Day Show is an American sitcom which was originally broadcast on the CBS Television network from September 1968 until March 1973, remaining on the air for five seasons and 128 episodes.  The series is remembered for its multiple format and cast changes over the course of its 5-year run.  The show is also remembered for Day’s statement, in her autobiography Doris Day: Her Own Story (1975), that her husband Martin Melcher had signed her to do the series without her knowledge, a fact she only discovered when Melcher died of heart disease on April 20, 1968 (he also received credit on the series as “executive producer” during its initial season).

Main cast:
Doris Day as Doris Martin
Philip Brown as Billy Martin (Seasons 1–3)
Todd Starke as Toby Martin (Seasons 1–3)
Denver Pyle as Buck Webb (Seasons 1–2, recurring Season 3)
Lord Nelson as Lord Nelson (Seasons 1–2, recurring Season 3)
James Hampton as LeRoy B. Simpson (Season 1, recurring Seasons 2–3)
Fran Ryan as Aggie Thompson (first ten episodes of Season 1)
Naomi Stevens as Juanita (last eighteen episodes of Season 1)
McLean Stevenson as Michael ‘Nick’ Nicholson (Seasons 2–3)
Rose Marie as Myrna Gibbons (Seasons 2–3)
Paul Smith as Ron Harvey (Seasons 2–3)
Bernie Kopell as Louie Pallucci (Season 3, recurring Season 4)
Kaye Ballard as Angie Pallucci (Season 3, recurring Season 4)
Billy DeWolfe as Willard Jarvis (recurring Seasons 2–5)
John Dehner as Cyril Bennett (Seasons 4–5)
Jackie Joseph as Jackie Parker (Seasons 4–5)
Peter Lawford as Dr. Peter Lawrence (recurring Seasons 4-5)Main cast: